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Edward Armstrong (Imperatore Risorto)

From a young age, Edward Armstrong has always had an entrepreneur spirit with skills of leadership and creativity. As he grew older, being successful in the business world was an inevitable outcome.

While also helping several associates to grow their business, most of Edward's work was done sitting behind a desk creating marketing campaigns, websites, and new ideas to increase public awareness. Unfortunately, in this stationary lifestyle produced almost no physical exercise and daily diets become unhealthy foods that caused great stress on Edward's physical health.

Soon Edward found himself in the hospital unable to walk due to the strain on his spine from the excessive weight. Knowing that changes had be be made, Edward educated himself utilizing the health and fitness guidance of his closest friends and confidants.

This advise included an exercise routine the Edward quickly admitted was both boring and tedious. This is about the time when a friend had introduced Edward to a whole new world that revolved around physical activities using light sabers and a new journey began. Edward soon found himself getting the cardio exercise, resistance training, and toning needed for a full body workout all while having an amazing amount of fun with a light saber.

Believing strongly in the Henry Ford approach of surrounding yourself with the people who have the required skill set to get specific task done successfully... Edward purchased a European Franchise system that taught the sport of Lightsaber engagements. It wasn't long after that Edward became a Certified Instructor of the first two forms of Lightsaber Dueling within this European Lightsaber Franchise System. Using their Franchise systems along side his own personal business knowledge and experience,within the first six months, Edward had the largest Lightsaber Dueling Academy under the European Lightsaber Franchise system within the United States.

After remaining with the franchise system for two successful years, Edward realized that internal changes needed to be made in order for Lightsaber activities to reach their fullest potential within the United States. Remaining within that particular franchise model would not allow for these changes to happen. With the help of some friends (again the Henry Ford approach) who had the same visions, Saberation was born. A National Lightsaber Athletic association that not only focuses on the sport but the fitness and entertainment aspect as well.
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Juliana Armstrong (Ataraxia)

Julliana is the current Champion for both Women's Mixed Weapons And Women's Single Padded Global Stick and Blade Alliance (GSBA) Eastern Region.

Julliana is also currently the Primary Lightsaber Sport and Dueling Instructor contracted by Langley Air Force Base as well as the first Certified Instructor for Officials of International's Light Saber Combat Franchise.

Julliana is also the first American to ever referee the Annual International Lightsaber Champion's Arena held in Milan, Italy
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Nick Benseman (Peaceful Warrior)

Nick Benseman growing up around the film industry of Los Angeles, California found his love of movies and martial arts. Nick started at a young age studying the disciplines of martial arts. He studied Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do - Dan Junod a private student of both Sifu Ted Wong and Sifu Jerry Poteet (Bruce Lee’s philosophy), Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, Danzan-Ryū JuJutsu, Judo, Kenpō, Hapkido, Kajukenbo, Kung Fu San Soo, Capoeira and various other styles. This led him to teaching Jeet Kune Do for several years.

Nick wanted to work with both of his passions. As a result, Nick went to school to learn acting. He worked hard to become a well-known professional Stunt Performer, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator, and Second Unit Director. Nick is well respected in the film industry.

One night while waiting for a response to work on a new film, The Peaceful Warrior (Nick) came across an ad Edward had posted to learn how to fight with a light saber. And being a Star Wars fan, Nick had to check it out. From there, Saberation was born.
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